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Working for your goals.

We are your dedicated and experienced buyers agent in Perth, committed to delivering on your property aspirations. We are not just agents. We stand as your personal advocates, tirelessly sourcing the property that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

More Than Just Buyers Agents

We do more than tick the box to buy a property – ensuring we go above and beyond in your property purchasing journey. Understanding your desired outcome is our priority, whether that involves locating promising investment properties, uncovering potential-rich prospects for development, or finding your dream home free of hidden issues.

We are well-versed in navigating the complexities of the buying process, armed with our deep understanding of the property market. Our goal is to equip you with accurate information and strategic insight, enabling us to secure exceptional results that match with your financial and lifestyle ambitions.

In essence, we are more than property buyers. We are your trusted allies in your property investment journey, working tirelessly to turn your property goals into tangible, rewarding realities.

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Our recent purchases

Our Buyer’s Agent Services

As a leader in the Perth property market, we provide an array of expert buyer’s agent services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, we are here to navigate you through every step of the property buying process.

achieving results

Expert Advice and Assistance through Your Property Journey

This section delves into our comprehensive property services that accompany you through every step of your property buying journey. We act as your buyer’s agent, offering sound advice, market knowledge, and strategic direction for an optimal property investment experience.

Tailoring Strategies to Your Goals

Our primary focus is you. As your dedicated buyer's agent, we make it our duty to thoroughly comprehend your individual circumstances, goals, and desires. Only after this meticulous understanding, do we tailor a plan specifically for you, aiming to realise your objectives within Perth's property market.

Guidance and Advice

Our team of buyer's agents in Perth proactively and impartially offers expert guidance throughout the process. With realistic, experience-backed intelligence, we strive to facilitate your most informed and effective decisions, ultimately saving your time and money. We stand by your side, ensuring your goals are achieved.

Comprehensive Property Search and Research

Our strong research and acquisition process and methodology helps identify and open properties and areas that are often not available or outside the buyer’s areas of market knowledge. We monitor and track almost every suburb, and we have access to and can even create off-market opportunities that give the buyer additional value.

Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation

Our robust, Pre-offer and Post-offer Due Diligence process ensures you're aware of potential risks associated with available properties. We guide you in avoiding or mitigating such risks, ensuring your property purchase doesn't unnecessarily inflate costs, compromise long-term potential or reduce liveability.

Negotiation and Rejection

As expert negotiators, we help you get the best possible price and terms for your purchase, and equally importantly, advise you to walk away from a deal when you need to, ensuring your interests are always protected.

Property Acquisition

More than merely assisting you in acquiring a property, we are committed to helping you accomplish your goals. Whether it's building your property portfolio or purchasing your dream home in Western Australia, our property services are tailored to deliver results.

On-Going Support

Our commitment doesn't end with the purchase. Once you've moved into your new home or rented your investment property, we continue to offer support. As your go-to property buyer's agent, we're always just a phone call or email away, ready to assist with any queries or issues you might encounter.

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We LOVE property.

Experience That Matters

With more than a decade of triumph in property buying, our Perth buyer's agents possess both the knowledge and experience necessary to decipher the workings of the real estate industry. We understand that the property market is as much about interacting with people as it is about the properties themselves. Our buyer's agents leverage this understanding to operate successfully within the market dynamics of Western Australia.

Property Nerds

Unapologetically, we are property enthusiasts through and through. Our passion for real estate doesn't clock off; we think about it before we drift off to sleep, dream about it, and it's the first thought on waking. Our days are spent absorbing and experiencing the property industry. In essence, we're not just in love with property; we're smitten.

We Love Helping People

Yeah we’re property nerds. But we absolutely love helping people. It drives us, it fills our tanks and we crave it. Sure, we want and need to get paid, but in all sincerity, our driving force lies in supporting others to achieve their property investment goals and keeping pace with ongoing market trends.

David Hall

Property acquisition specialist

“There is a very real financial, emotional and long-term benefit to work with buyer's agents who are truly looking out to making sure you have the best solution... everything we do is focused on ensuring we achieve the best result for our buyers.”

Sharpening your axe

Proven Methodology

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.

Abraham Lincoln
We continually refine our methodology and research to ensure we are equipped and enabled with the best intelligence and approach to search for and negotiate opportunities. As dedicated buyer's agents in Perth, our methods have stood the test of time and been proven effective in Western Australia's real estate market.

Research. Research. Research.

We pride ourselves on strong, proven and continually refined research methodology, and use a range of custom tools and data to derive the best intelligence on any market and property. As experienced buyer's agents, our data-driven approach aids us in navigating the ebb and flow of market trends.

Live Market Analysis

We also complement the research with live market analysis, engaging an established network of vendors, real estate agents, shop-owners, residents etc, in order to gain an accurate, on-the-ground understanding of the property market. This real-world input is invaluable, often providing insights that may not be immediately apparent from raw data alone.

Purchase strategy

We perform research and analysis on the property history, selling motivations and key negotiation points to develop the approach we take to securing a property.

A Small Sample of Recent Purchases

Investment Property
4 x 2, distressed home
Converted to 5 x 4, subdivided, collecting $1.2K weekly rent
Secured at $600K, value of house in mid $600K, granny-flat is low $400K
Off Market - Investment Property
1000 sqm, run down property
Highly motivated seller
Secured for $550K, demolished property and sold off 3 land lots for $912K
Off Market - Investment Property
3 x 1
Close to shops, key amenties
Acquired at land value price mid $500K, with unique planning (duplex) opportunity
Investment Property
3 x 1 Corner site with triplex potential
Less than 1KM to beach, high amenity area
Acquired at land value price of low $900K with future growth potential
Pre-auction - Investment Property
3 x 2
1KM from upcoming marina
Acquired at mid $600K, with undiscovered duplex potential unlocked with approvals
Investment Property
Corner lot
Listed after new corner lots policy, agent unaware of potential
Secured slightly over asking price at $585K, subdivided, sold the block for $335K and value of house is mid $500Ks.
Investment Property
3 x 2 with duplex potential
150m from park in good area
Acquired 15% below market value low-mid $600K
Investment Property
3 x 2
1KM from upcoming marina
Acquired at low $500K, with undiscovered duplex potential unlocked with approvals
Off Market - Home Purchase
5 x 3, with separate living area
Close to schools, shops, key amenties
Subdivision potential with current market value already at high $900K
Investment Property
4 x 1, advertised as 3 x 1
Renovate, retain and build
Bought for $600K, original house sold for $610K, new build valued at high $600K
Off Market - Investment Property
4 x 1, renovated
Retain and build - new 4 x 2 behind
Profit around 250K plus both properties rented out
Home Purchase
Highly sought after school catchment
Acquired 17% below market value, 30% growth in 24 months
Home Purchase
Under 250m from beach, high amenity
Acquired land value price $1.1m with strong growth potential
Off Market - Investment Property
4 x 2 Corner block with duplex potential
Highly sought after school catchment
Acquired low $700's with 4% yield
Off Market - Home Purchase
2x1, 433 sqm
Highly sought after school catchment
Acquired below land value sqm rate - low $700's

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A buyer’s agent acts as a dedicated advocate for the property buyer. They help understand the buyer’s specific circumstances, goals, and requirements and then craft a customised plan to achieve those goals. This includes providing guidance throughout the buying process, conducting thorough property research, mitigating potential risks, negotiating prices and terms, and even advising when to reject a deal. They continue to provide support even after the property is acquired.

We utilise a strong, continually refined research methodology and live market analysis to stay informed. Our team leverages custom tools and data, and also engages with an established network of vendors, real estate agents, shop-owners, and residents, to gain an accurate, on-the-ground understanding of the market. We also monitor and track almost every suburb in Perth.

‘Off-market properties’ are properties that are available for sale but aren’t publicly advertised or listed on traditional real estate platforms. They often represent unique opportunities for buyers. Over the last year, our team has purchased 41 off-market properties.

This number represents the properties that our rigorous and proven methodology has deemed unsuitable for our clients based on their specific goals and requirements. Our careful vetting process ensures that we only move forward with properties that offer value and align with our clients’ objectives.

David Hall is a property acquisition specialist who has extensive experience in the Perth property market. He firmly believes in the financial, emotional, and long-term benefits of working with buyer’s agents and is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for property buyers.

^Value of properties purchased by our employees up to June 2022, rounded up to the nearest thousand.

*Number of properties our team has purchased that were from off-market deals

#Estimated number of properties rejected over a year based on average number of total properties minus accepted properties by criteria.

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